Raimo Lehtinen

Raimo Lehtinen

Business Director, Power Plant Projects at Peikko Group


Raimo Lehtinen is a Business Director at Peikko Group OY. Mr Lehtinen has over 30 years’ experience in growing international business developing and supplying connection technology for concrete structures. He has been responsible several position in Peikko Group from R&D to Global Sales and Marketing to Top Management positions.

During last 15 years one of his responsibilities have been developing capabilities to work as a supplier in NPP projects. Biggest new build projects during these years have been Olkiluoto 3 project in Finland and currently ongoing project Hinkley Point C in England. In HPC project Peikko was awarded as a best supplier of the Year in 2021 by the construction company Bylor.

Mr Lehtinen will give a short presentation about his experience what has this process required for the company.