Exhibition and Networking

Alongside the conference, there will be an exhibition space for businesses in the Little Finlandia. Welcome to visit and discuss the latest developments of the nuclear industry!

Exhibition open hours for visitors*

Tue 21 May 10:00-17:00
Wed 22 May 10:00-16:00


*delegates and exhibitors have the access to the event venue during the entire event. Tue 8:30-19:30 and Wed 8:30-16:00

Main partners

Platinum Sponsors





Networking & B2B Meetings

Meet and Network with the key players at the event. Meet and Network with the key players at the event via online event platform Brella. B2B matchmaking & scheduling tool Brella is made available to conference attendees to facilitate effective networking at the event.

Conference attendees will receive a link to register to the event platform about 2 weeks prior to the event.

How to book a B2B meeting?

  • You can book a B2B meeting via online networking platform Brella. Full Delegates, Booth Attendants and Online participants will have access to Brella NOTE: Free visitor ticket does not include access to Brella!
  • Login to Brella → press “people” icon on left side panel → choose a person you want to have a meeting with → press “suggest meeting”
  • You can arrange meeting online or on-site
  • On-site B2B area have numbered tables. Brella will arrange the meeting for you and assign you a table number.
  • Tables are assigned in a first-come-first-serve method, and per networking slot whenever a meeting is accepted.

Start networking and find valuable connections!

You can download Brella app from Google Play or App Store. After that create Brella account, join the event
& start matchmaking!