Kim Wallin

Kim Wallin

Professor, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


Kim Wallin has, since 1982, been involved with different research topics related to experimental and theoretical fracture mechanics at VTT and he has written more than 370 publications related to materials science and fracture mechanics. Since 1993 he has successfully held the position of research professor in fracture mechanics.

Kim Wallin has performed numerous, fracture mechanics related, contract studies for the Finnish and international nuclear industry and metal producers, the results of which have been utilized in the operation and marketing of the companies. He has also advised authorities in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, USA and Argentina.

The most significant scientific achievements of Kim Wallin, have been connected to the theoretical modelling of brittle fracture and to the development of new engineering applications, above all in the context of the so called “Master Curve” methodology. The Master Curve is presently a key investigation topic both within the nuclear community as well as within other industries dealing with critical structures (off-shore, shipbuilding, pressure equipment etc.). At least three nuclear reactors have avoided unnecessary premature shutdown years before planned end of operation and also plant life extension has benefited from the new assessment procedures.