Daniel Wells

Daniel Wells

Director, Fuels and Chemistry R&D Nuclear, EPRI

Dr. Daniel M. Wells is the Director of Fuels and Chemistry at EPRI.

Dr. Wells joined EPRI in 2010 and prior to his current role led research activities related to pressurized water reactor (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) water chemistry control, corrosion mitigation and corrosion product transport as they relate to radiation field and fuel crud generation, ion specific media development including CoSeq® and improvements to the ChemWorksTM and MULTEQ Database software packages.

Before joining EPRI, Dr. Wells worked at Radiological Solutions, Inc. (RSI) as a Project Engineer involved in projects for several BWR and PWR nuclear power stations. The projects included chemical addition, corrosion product sampling, and ion-exchange resin cleaning systems; radio chemical analysis; and fuel leak inspections.

Dr. Wells worked on EPRI contracted projects for RSI related to ion exchange resin testing and the patented EPRI Stabilized Chromium Process. Dr. Wells has initially worked in the petroleum industry as an Intern Researcher for Exxon Mobil Process Research on projects related to Fischer-Tropes catalyst and the low-temperature properties of lube oils.

Dr. Wells received a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Auburn University and his doctorate in inorganic chemistry from Northwestern University. His fields of emphasis were solid-state actinide chalcogenide and transition-metal oxide chemistries. Dr. Wells is an author of more than twenty-five reviewed scientific journal publications, numerous conference papers, and five patents.