Dual Fluid Energy Inc.

We are reinventing nuclear.



Dual Fluid is creating an entirely new type of nuclear reactor that provides emission-free electricity and hydrogen at lower cost than any other source. It can use nuclear waste as fuel and is walk-away-safe.


Dual Fluid differs from other new nuclear concepts by its high efficiency: the nuclear fuel is utilized up to a hundred times better than in today’s light water reactors. The operating temperature of 1000° C enables process heat applications.


The Dual Fluid operating principle, based on different fluids for fuel and cooling, is described in scientific publications. Dual Fluid Energy Inc. was incorporated as a public company in Vancouver, Canada, in January 2021 to bring the Dual Fluid technology to serial production status. The prototype of a Dual Fluid reactor is to be launched within this decade.


Company representatives 

Götz Ruprecht
Chief Executive Officer
Dual Fluid
+49 1520 337 45 82

Dario Gigliotti
Dual Fluid

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