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Company details

Conformity assessments and other nuclear plant inspections
DEKRA Inspection Oy is a company focusing solely on nuclear plant inspections. The company has no other functions, which means that it can ensure that the inspections are completely independent and impartial. DEKRA Inspection Oy is the only nuclear inspection company offering this operating concept in Finland.

The areas of inspection that DEKRA Inspection can provide services for include plan, structural, commissioning and scheduled inspections.

DEKRA Inspection Oy has FINAS accreditation (I047, EN ISO/IEC 17020 type A) and an accreditation in accordance with STUK’s (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland) Regulatory Guide on Nuclear Safety (YVL) E.1 on the inspection of pressure and other mechanical equipment and structures of nuclear facilities.E.1 The permit covers safety classes 2 and 3 and class EYT to the full extent that STUK has the power to assign to an accredited inspection body.

Transparency, safety and reliability
Our activities are based on existing regulations and an in depth understanding of them and the applied standards. Clear safety culture throughout the organisation, reliability of activities and transparency drive all our operations.

DEKRA Inspection Oy’s experts carry out inspections on pressure equipment in particular but also the conformity and approval of other mechanical equipment and structures throughout their lifespan. Our experts inspect, approve and supervise the quality of equipment and operations from the planning phase to manufacture, installation, use as well as during their use and decommission. For this purpose, DEKRA Inspection currently has at its disposal dozens of experienced nuclear safety (YVL) inspectors with different specialities.


Matti Andersson
Managing Director
+358 98 78020

Pekka Simpanen
+358 987 8020