Familiarise yourself with the conference program and get your ticket

In this blogpost we are going to go through the conference program in Nordic Nuclear Forum 2022. The two-day program with six different sessions will bring several international experts on stage to discuss issues from the entire nuclear life cycle under NNF22 theme “The Role of Nuclear in the Future Energy Mix”. Check out the more detailed program from our website.

Conference Day 1

What does the business ecosystem look like, what are the opportunities in global nuclear business and what is the strategy and to support the entire lifecycle of nuclear energy? The first session in the conference “Nuclear in Sustainable Energy Production” will open the secrets behind success – ensuring competences, Ecosystem and Economy. The session focuses on the businesses of the sustainable nuclear sector and it will go through market overview of global nuclear business opportunities. The session is hosted by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland with FinNuclear.

The second session “Emerging Technology, Emerging Nuclear Facilities: Safeguarding the Nuclear Future” is an interactive panel discussion on how emerging technology and emerging facilities will create challenges, and solutions, for the management of spent nuclear fuel and safeguard information. Prominent speakers will provide international perspectives and approaches to waste management for the current and future nuclear fleet. The session is hosted by STUK International.

What is the role of nuclear and does it have necessary political support in the EU when EU is divided on whether nuclear power is sustainable? The third and last session of the day one “Economics of Nuclear” will focus on this question. In the session the topics that will be discussed are financing, wellbeing of society and can competitiveness be improved by Supply Chain Optimization? The session is hosted by TVO.

Conference Day 2

The opening of the second conference day is with the session “Financing Nuclear Newbuilds”. In this session will be discussion about new build market, operation, modernization, and decommissioning. “We must focus on the new build first. Otherwise, there is no lifecycle, no decommissioning, no future.”

The second session of the day two “Nuclear Innovations” will discuss ways to improve the cost competitiveness of the nuclear industry and to develop new businesses. The future of nuclear energy industry will be ensured with help of new innovations and digitalization. Related to this topic cogeneration of power, heat, hydrogen and chemicals will be addressed from both technological and economical point of view. Session is hosted by VTT.

The last session of the conference “SMRs as Part of Future of Nuclear: How to make Small Modular Reactor (SMR) deployments a reality” will bring a practical viewpoint into one of the most interesting topics in the industry. The session will feature insights from planning of first SMR newbuild projects in Europe as well as viewpoints from actors outside Europe and from non-nuclear utilities looking into nuclear as a new option in their palette. The session is hosted by Fortum.

Nordic Nuclear Forum tickets are on sale

Nordic Nuclear Forum 2022 is fast approaching, and it is time to ensure your attendance by purchasing your tickets to the event! By purchasing the “Delegate pass”, “Day 1 pass” or “Day 2 pass” ticket, you have access to all different features during the event including possibility to schedule 1-to-1 business meetings, On-site access to exhibition and conference, including lunch and refreshments. The “Delegate pass” and “Day 1 pass” also include access to day 1 evening networking cocktails. The “Online pass” allows you to join the event even from your own home couch. You may access to the entire event 7-9 June 2022 online: conference, scheduled 1-to-1 meetings and online exhibition. Check out the different ticket options from Nordic Nuclear Forum’s website.