How to succeed in Nordic Nuclear Forum 2021 Suppliers Edition Online?

Tips to make sure you get the most out of the event

Nordic Nuclear Forum 2021 – Suppliers Edition Online is an effective opportunity to network with nuclear energy industry representatives including customers, buyers, potential partners and suppliers. Online exhibition provides a way to showcase your products, services and competences widely to the highly specific audience.

It’s obvious that if you are in the nuclear energy industry, you shouldn’t miss this event. But how you’ll get the most out of the online event is slightly different from traditional in-person exhibitions, and this blog presents some ways. Afterall, regardless of online or offline events, it all crystallizes to personal interactions.

Tips for attendees

  1. Be active right away the event platform opens

The Nordic Nuclear Forum 2021’s online event platform opens two weeks before the actual conference. Register to the event platform right away and start suggesting 1-to-1 online meetings. Remember also to check regularly new attendees.

  1. Grab the attention with your profile 

Use time and effort for creating your profile on the event’s platform. Well prepared profiles grab the attention and the event platform’s algorithm will suggest the best matches for you. You’ll save a lot of time, when you don’t need to check through every attendee profile one by one.

  1. Follow notifications to be sure you won’t miss great opportunities

After you have registered to the event platform you start receiving notifications in your email about new meeting suggestions. By following these emails you won’t miss great opportunities by not answering to suggestions.

  1. Choose your preferred content 

The conference schedule is available in the event platform and you can create your own personal agenda. By bookmarking the conference session you would like to see you’ll get reminders before it begins so you won’t miss a thing.

  1. Use all three days to network

1-to-1 online meetings can be arranged during both conference days and also on 10th June, when the whole day is dedicated to meetings.

Tips for exhibitors

  1. Be creative in your virtual exhibition booth content 

How about organising a lottery through your organisation’s dedicated chat or giveaways for those who have watched your video? As an exhibitor, use the opportunity during the conference to chat about these special things provided in your virtual exhibition booth.

  1. Generate leads through the online form

As a virtual exhibitor in Nordic Nuclear Forum, you have the possibility to embed your online contact form. You can attract attendees to leave their contact information by providing them for example a free ebook, guide, webinar…if you like.

  1. Take advantage of the engagement data 

Engagement data indicates who has visited in your virtual exhibition booth. The data will be provided before the Nordic Nuclear Forum starts, after the first day and after the second day, so you have the possibility to suggest 1-to-1 online meetings with the most interesting virtual exhibition booth visitors. The engagement data will be provided by Nordic Nuclear Forum’s organiser. Check here which virtual exhibitor packages include the engagement data.

9. Use your organisation’s digital marketing professionals, if possible, to prepare the most attractive content for your virtual exhibition booth.