Innovations for the decarbonizing of industries and the society

Picture source: VTT

I am proud to introduce three of my VTT colleagues. They are people who every day work for a cleaner world, by developing innovative solutions that will reduce emissions already in near future. These three presentations in combination will give an excellent overview of what is being done for the decarbonization of industries and the society.

Tomi Lindroos has modelled energy systems and energy policies for more than ten years. Lately his focus has been on more detailed modelling of sectoral integration and district heating systems. Sectoral integration has become more and more important when moving towards low carbon energy systems, while district heating systems is a practical topic, and interesting from the point of view of applying new methods.

Tomi’s work is a good balance of academic ambitions related to the development of modelling methods, and applying those in real life problems to support decision making in public and private sectors. This involves broad collaboration with academia, ministries, and private energy companies. It is exciting to see unexpected impacts of new technologies in the existing systems, and it is a real challenge to identify trends and try to model their impacts in advance.

With a background in engineering physics and mathematics, Robert Weiss has for more than 30 years carried out research on various aspects of energy systems, working on modelling, simulation, optimization and techno-economic studies. Since a few years now he has focused on power-to-X, finding new and innovative concepts involving the use of carbon-free electricity for the production of ammonia and other chemicals, as well as for chemical energy storage through hydrogen and synthetic fuels.

Robert enjoys direct contact with the customer, and he always aims at practical results, which deliver impact and value for the customer’s technology development and new business. The companies that Robert has worked for and with include energy generation companies, equipment and system suppliers and control and information system suppliers. In this webinar Robert will discuss directions and approaches for practically advancing Power-to-X technologies, and how VTT can help.

Eemeli Tsupari has been working for more than 15 years with topics related to the mitigation of climate change, e.g. impact assessment as well as EU emission trading system. His current focus is in creating ideas and new concepts for the process industry, and studying their techno-economic feasibility. Eemeli is working with e.g. steel, cement, lime and pulp industries, in close collaboration with the relevant companies. The concepts may involve electrification either directly or indirectly, e.g. based on the use of hydrogen, and some cases involve carbon dioxide capture, and production of hydrocarbons.

Eemeli likes to develop long-term partnerships, defining next steps based on customer feedback and deepening direct dialogue. That kind of collaboration produces relevant research questions, which again lead to novel concepts that meet real needs. 

Matti Paljakka

Solution Sales Lead, Nuclear energy and radwaste, VTT

Innovations for the decarbonizing of industries and the society -webinar | 16 February 2021, Online, at 15:00-15:45 (Time in EET (UTC+02:00)) | Program and registration: https://nordicnuclearforum.fi/pre-event-webinars-of-nnf21/