NNF 2021 – TVO and POSIVA participate with a strong presence in the Forum

Olkiluoto boasts a unique concentration of nuclear expertise with more than 1000 professionals. TVO and Posiva will participate in the Nordic Nuclear Forum (NNF) in the summer of 2021 with a strong presence, under the theme competitiveness of nuclear power. For a preview of the contents, you should take advantage of the webinar to be arranged on 19 January.

Picture: Olkiluoto Power Plant

We can promise some interesting presentations on final disposal. In November 2015, Posiva became the first operator in the world to be granted a construction licence for a final disposal facility of spent nuclear fuel. At present, Posiva is getting ready to submit an application for the operating licence to the Finnish Government. Construction work is progressing well at the encapsulation plant. IAEA Director General Rafael Marino Grossi said “Onkalo is a game changer for the sustainability of nuclear energy” during his visit to Olkiluoto in November 2020.

Olkiluoto 3 has also reached an exciting project stage. By the time of NNF, fuel will have been loaded in the reactor with preparations under way to start electricity production. The largest single climate action in Finland will soon be true. The theme of the Forum session hosted by TVO is the competitiveness of nuclear power. Is nuclear energy sustainable and what is the meaning of sustainable financing to the financing of nuclear power? How does the nuclear industry verify the high standard of products and the best suppliers, when investing in existing and new facilities?

Juha Poikola

Manager, Public Relations at Teollisuuden Voima Oy

Learn from Finnish nuclear energy industry experiences and waste management solutions – webinar | 19 January 2021, Online, at 15:00-16:00 (Time in EET (UTC+02:00)) | Program and registration: https://nordicnuclearforum.fi/pre-event-webinars-of-nnf21/