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Nordic Nuclear Forum 2022 pre-event webinars are arranged with the main partners of the event.
Join to hear various experts discuss topical issues in the nuclear energy industry today.

Upcoming webinars

25 May 2022
“How do we see the future of small modular reactors (SMRs) at Fortum?”

-arranged in cooperation with Fortum

At Fortum, small modular reactors have been part of the nuclear power R&D programme for several years now. We see small modular reactors as part of a nuclear power future, and we are involved in various national and international projects to help accelerate the development of and the opportunities to utilise small modular reactors. 

Sign up for the pre-webinar to hear more about the latest development insights of the SMRs! 

Past webinars

19 January 2021
“Learn from Finnish nuclear energy industry experiences and waste management solutions”

– arranged in cooperation with Teollisuuden Voima and Posiva


– Olkiluoto is the most interesting Nuclear Site, Mika Tanhuanpää, Teollisuuden Voima
– #WeHaveaSolution, Sophie Haapalehto, Posiva
– Rock-solid expertise in nuclear waste management, Sanna Mustonen, Posiva Solutions
– Why taxonomy is important, Juha Poikola, Teollisuuden Voima

16 February 2021
“Innovations for the decarbonizing of industries and the society”

– arranged in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

In order to significantly decrease the consumption of fossil sources and the carbon dioxide emissions, both the energy sector and the industries have to be decarbonized. This on one hand requires new innovations and on the other hand opens new business opportunities.

Various co-generation options can be considered for power plants, in which they produce not only electrical power but also heat, hydrogen or chemicals, perhaps dynamically according to market demand. The planning of such sector coupling concepts requires understanding of each sector, as well as tools and methods to support the system-level control and optimization.

This webinar will present views from the research concerning the decarbonization of urban energy systems and industries. This includes discussion on key areas relevant for co-generation and sector coupling concepts: district heating, hydrogen and conversions (Power-to-X, P2X).


– ”Energy system modelling for low-carbon district heating; heat pumps, SMRs, and system integration”, Tomi Lindroos, VTT
– P2X, presentation title to be confirmed, Robert Weiss, VTT
– “The largest industrial CO2 emitters, and means to decarbonize”, Eemeli Tsupari, VTT

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