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Teemu LaurilaAfter his PhD in applied physics in 2011, Teemu started working as a scientist on the performance of clay engineered barriers in high level nuclear waste repositories. From there, he took on positions of project and team management, and has since 2019 been the business manager of AINS Group Nuclear Waste Management business unit.

AINS Nuclear Waste Management has been working as a team of consultants on the Finnish LILW and spent fuel repository program since the 80s, most of that time under its former name Saanio&Riekkola. The 20-strong team has correspondingly deep expertise on repository programs, engineering, long-term safety and clay barriers. Lately as the Finnish spent fuel program ramps up construction and operations at Olkiluoto, our base of expertise in Helsinki has also assisted several international programs. Our business development continues with the international focus, with partners both Finnish and international.

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