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Gilles Bignan belongs to the French Atomic and Alternatives Energies Commission (CEA) since 1989.
He graduated at the University of Caen in France as Nuclear Engineer (core physic and instrumentation) in 1985 and obtained his PhD on Reactor Physics and Nuclear Instrumentation in 1989.
He is CEA International Expert on Research Reactors and his present position is linked to the future JHR project as being User Facility Manager. This Material Testing Reactor under construction will be operated as an International User Facility and he is building the nuclear community around the JHR gathering a large panel of research institutes, public bodies and industrial companies.
He is also Chairman of the IGORR (International Group On Research Reactors) Steering Committee since 2009, forum gathering the main Research Reactors worldwide.
He is also representing CEA to the IAEA Technical Working Group on Research Reactors since 2008 and he is also the CEA ICERR (International Center based on Research Reactor) representative to the IAEA.

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